Ordinary American's Political Field Manual

Sunday, May 30, 2010

FM 202 Part 1




The following notes, commentary, and resolutions are based on the premise and incontrovertible fact that the increase in the size of governments constitutes the greatest tragedy of our times. Government grows and the size of the bureaucracy spreads. And with an ever increasing quantity comes the concomitant diminution of the individual, his morals, health, wealth and freedom. At every turn there are the inevitable controls – a new law, another edict or administrative rule, an additional code or bureaucratic chain to bind us. Always followed with inflated currency and oppressive taxation. With the accelerating plunge into the abyss of World Government how much time do we have until the tentacles of an ominous cloud of Total Government enshrouds us all?

Our Founding Fathers with immeasurable courage and selfless sacrifice, gave us a Republic “if we could keep it”. Through irresponsibility, faith in politicians, unconcern, and lack of understanding we are rapidly approaching the point-of-no-return for maintaining even a semblance of Constitutional limited government. So with those immutable truths in mind what are ordinary American’s to do?

(Part Two)

FM 202 Part 2


But not into the usual election year circuses! If ordinary Americans are to be successful they must circumvent “politics as usual.” “How may that be accomplished?” You ask, “Haven’t we tried everything already????”

The following nuts and bolts that substantiate the reasoning behind the concepts, materials, and methods may appear on the surface and at first glance to be too simplistic and sophomoric. However, with closer scrutiny and a modicum of insight the “method to the madness” will emerge with a paradigm shift in our attitudes and motivations. Not only will we recognize an “energizing realization of the problem”, but grasp the confidence and unwavering resolve to defeat it!

(Part Three)

FM 202 Part 3

Of most importance is what NOT to do. Stay away from politics as usual – both in mindset and action. Forget everything you thought you knew about getting your candidate in office. Our Founding Fathers brilliantly set-up the division of our Republic with the expressed purpose of keeping the bureaucracy tightly limited in their actions so the people would remain free. They knew that it takes big money to buy big government so by limiting the funding of venal politicians and their pork barrel bribes our Founders placed the outlay of the people’s money exclusively under the aegis of the House of Representatives, who were in turn closest to the people. Even now, after two world wars, cold wars, U.N., the ABC’s of NAFTA, CENTO, OAS, OSHA, EPA, CIA, ad nausea and all the redistribution of our wealth, the complete usurpation of power and unlimited government is still impossible IF we can in the next two elections elect Congressmen who will VOTE NO on every bill that comes before the House that increases the SIZE, COST, REACH and POWER of the government.

Mind boggling isn’t it???
The bottom line is so simple. (We didn’t suggest easy). We ordinary American’s only have to forget every office, local, state and national (including the President) except one. And place all our energies and support behind Congressmen.
Not the “VOTE for ME and I’ll give you everything you want” scum-bucket but principled ordinary Americans who have just one uncompromising resolve:
To VOTE NO on every bill that increases the size, cost, reach or power of government.

(Part 4)

FM 202 Part 4

Where do we get the candidates?

Ordinary Americans truck drivers, housewives, cooks, maids, clerks. The salt of the earth, people who would rather be left alone. Remember these candidates don’t need to know anything about anything except that they understand the problem and will do their part to solve it.

What is expected of them?

NOTHING, except once in the House they can be relied on to VOTE NO on any proposal that will increase the SIZE, COST,

REACH and POWER of the government.

What will the campaign cost them?

NOTHING Financing of the campaign will be borne by ordinary American’s who realize the urgency and are willing to help.

What degree of participation will be required during the campaign?

NONE just stay alive! There is no necessity for speeches, debates, appearances, news conferences, pie supper attendance or any of that usual campaign hoopla.

(Part 5)

FM 202 Part 5

Of what does the campaign consist?
Signs, signs and more signs. Billboards and little whizzer signs EVERYWHERE. And except for the particular candidate’s name all the signs will look exactly alike. These signs will appear in every Congressional District in Tennessee and Kentucky if they choose to follow the program. The realization that most people’s ability to comprehend is very limited, their understanding is minimal and most have a propensity to forget predicates that all of our signs, logos, and symbols reflect a continuity and singleness of purpose that cannot be misunderstood by the least sophisticated voter. And every person whether voter or not, knows exactly what is meant. The appeal will center on emotion over logic, persuasion over force and action over passivism. The propaganda must be overwhelming. Difficult but not impossible.

But there must be all sorts of forms… There are. But all the paperwork will be taken care of by ordinary Americans and except for biographical information and other required documents and proper signatures the demands on the time of the candidate will be very limited. Again the primary objective of the candidate is to simply stay alive and well.

(Part 6)

FM 202 Part 6

A paradigm shift in campaign emphasis. Heretofore we have been exposed to only one style and thrust of the machinations of a political campaign, to elect a candidate. The drill usually proceeds along these lines;

1. A person of required age and residence gets a wild idea to run for office. His motives can run the gamut from having a heavenly calling, an insatiable desire for fame and power, a dare, a threat, ambition, flattery, following orders from a higher authority or a myriad of bizarre reasons. (And in most cases stupidity should never be ruled out.) Regardless of the reasons “his hat is thrown into the ring”, the events that follow are more or less set in concrete.

2. With the candidate properly qualified he now sits firmly in the air atop a nebulous pyramid with optimistic anticipation of garnering enough financial help to radiate his “stand on the issues” throughout the potential electorate so they will fill-in the base of his support.

3 With all the forces and counter forces now embroiled in the mix the campaign now becomes one of saying as little as possible on any subject so as not to alienate potential voters while smiling and waving at every photo-op so the hard core (supporters who have been promised someone else’s wealth) will continue to “get out the vote!” This balancing act demands lying and is generally written off the conscience as political pragmatism or expediency.

4. The election takes place and if the “fix” is not already in for a particular candidate, then the contest becomes a battle of the ballots and the powers that count the votes. Some elections are obviously stolen.

(Part 7)

FM 202 Part 7

Ordinary American’s must turn the process upside/down
1. Our candidate is a “Nobody” and must be dragged kicking and screaming into the fray. Running for any office, much less for the U.S. Congress is beyond our candidate’s wildest imagination. The ideal person is already secure in career and lifestyle and has no ambitions whatsoever to plunge into the melee of “dirty” politics. The single all encompassing qualification is to simply exhibit the tenacious courage to firmly VOTE NO on all legislation that increases the SIZE, COST, REACH and POWER of the government! We need political passion not political ambition. You see now why it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp the full import of the battle plan and the possible consequences.

And the consequences being:
1 Within the next election year there will be an ordinary American candidate in each and every party primary.
2 Unlike the other contenders it will be unnecessary for them to really do anything out of their regular lifestyles.
3 In the months prior to and up to a predetermined time all signage throughout the entire state will be generic and revolve around the theme of
A. Big Government is the all-encompassing problem and issue and
B. Voting FOR the candidate who will VOTE NO on everything is the only solution.
4 After the electorate (the base of the pyramid) is properly conditioned they will look up and scramble to find the candidates that reflect their new understanding and salvation. (The regular party hacks won’t have a clue as to what is going on.)
5 At that point the names of ordinary Americans appear on the same signs that have just brought about the voter’s new understanding.
6 The ordinary American is now catapulted to the top of a solid unwavering bse and propelled into a position of turning the tide.

(Part 8)